As we’ve mentioned here, a big part of what jazzes us about being active real estate agents in Leslieville is that it’s such a dynamic and eclectic neighbourhood. One measure of that is the choice of truly inviting restaurants that residents find here, at their doorstep.

Here’s just a sample of what we mean…

  1. Lady Marmalade
    David Cherry transplanted the concept from his popular Victoria location when he moved back to Toronto in 2009. This inviting and casual brunch bistro is a terrific way to start the day. You’ll find classic dishes with a Mexican twist. The decor is bright and cheerful, the location is handy and the food it terrific. Their Eggs Benedict are a pleaser, and the raspberry vanilla French toast is to die for. The tables are first come, first serve, and the line can quickly grow to 20 or more – so come early or be prepared to chat with some other folks from the ‘hood while you wait. 898 Queen Street E.
  2. Skin + Bones
    The menu at this local restaurant and wine bar changes seasonally, but you can download it in its latest iteration from their website ( We love both the atmosphere here and what they do with the fresh, locally sourced ingredients in dishes that are inspired by the seasons and a love of eating and drinking. The place is casual and relaxed and the bar well-appointed, with a good variety of wines and beers. The best draw is the $35 chef’s menu, for when you’re out with a group. 980 Queen Street E.
  3. Glas Wine Bar
    Cozy to the point of being intimate, or crowded if you’re sensitive to being close to your neighbour, we find this hole-in-the-wall retreat to be a real find. The chef has been known to cater to the tastes of individual guests, which gives the sense that the cooking is really just for you. Also worth noting is the fact that, in a world where special dietary preferences are so often an afterthought, the vegetarian dishes are well considered and very good. 1118 Queen Street E.
  4. Hey Meatball
    When you’re out for food, it’s not always about fine dining. Sometimes its about homey, comfort food. In this vein, Hey Meatball gets it right. This is honest-to-goodness Italian food that anyone lucky enough to have been fed by a loving Nona will be familiar with. We’re talking meatball sandwiches and homestyle pasta. As they say on their menu… “The balls are good and the ingredients are all natural!” 912 Queen Street E.

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