Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or making a change from your current home, The WEIR Team can help streamline the process and make it enjoyable – from start to finish. When you’re buying a house, there are some basic but very helpful things to remember.

Make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground.


You need to start with a realistic assessment of your financial situation and an understanding of how that relates to the house that you’re likely to be able to buy. Because the whole process will be much more enjoyable if you know what you can afford.


It’s very important for buyers to understand the difference between even minor differences and affordability. It creates a realistic target and a workable set of parameters for the hunt. The advantage is to make the best use of your time, and to minimize disappointments.


Start with a good understanding of what’s most important to you.

For instance, are you more interested in a particular location, or a particular style or size of house? We ask because you might find exactly the house are looking for in a place that you weren’t expecting to find it, or that the houses in the area you’re set on may be different from the ones in your mind’s eye. These differences lead to the need for some decision-making.

Be ready to change your mind.

Most of the ideas that you have about what you’re looking for are based on “pre-search” parameters. Very often, once you get out there, you find that the realities of the market don’t line up with your preconceived vision. Not being able to roll with the differences can lead to frustration. That’s why we suggest that it’s always better to expect the unexpected and be ready to fall in love with the house that you didn’t know existed, than remain dedicated to the one in your mind’s eye.

For our part, we have a process that’s designed to give you a really good understanding of your options, so that if new considerations do come onto the table, you’ll be prepared to consider them.

You’ll get the house you belong in.

But be prepared for some bumps. By definition in a competitive market, there are likely to be a number of bidders on any house that you may have set your sights on. And the challenge of a number of people wanting the same thing is that it creates a competitive environment.

It’s common for people to feel upset and disappointed when this happens – but we like to remind them that this is a no-regrets business, and that their focus should always be on the next opportunity. It’s good to  keep in mind from the outset that you may not get the first house that you choose to bid on. And that’s ok. We know that simply there will always be another house. And the one that got away simply wasn’t meant for you. The right one always comes along before you know it.


There is a process, after the deal is signed and you’ve had a chance to move into your new home, wherein people transform their new houses into their new homes.

It starts with the first decision that reflects your tastes, and it continues until everything is in place and you feel that sense of real ownership. We like to stay in touch with our clients from time to time through this period. Why? Because we get satisfaction from your satisfaction.


Thinking about buying a house? We’d love to help you. Just let us know what you’re looking for in the form below, and we’ll take care of the rest.