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Quality. Excellence. Reputation. Teamwork. Trust. Honesty. Integrity.

Constant 5-Star Google & Facebook Reviews.


With tens of thousands of realtors clogging the Toronto marketplace, the only path to success is to stand out.

Being like everyone else, is exactly what we’re not.

At the end of the day we go home proud of our results… and grateful that we were once again able to be a hero to our clients.


Unlike most brokerages where you are just one of the masses, we do not try to convince as many realtors as possible to join us.

There is nothing in that for us.

Our realtors are an extension of everything The WEIR Team stands for… and our agents are not only our colleagues, but they become close friends and family.

The WEIR Team has had a decade of incredible success for some very good reasons.

Come learn from the best. We’re nothing like the rest.


We’re looking to hire dynamic individuals who will not only make a great fit with our tight-knit team, but will be someone we can help foster and contribute to our growing list of celebrated successes.

It’s only rewarding and profitable when you are able and willing to put in the sweat and tears. (And there will be sweat and tears!) But also a lot of fun and amazing experiences.

Real estate is not easy… it’s NEVER BEEN a get-rich-quick job… and it’s not a part-time profession.


Every client is different. And no house or condo is the same.

We look at all of our team members as critical elements in the recipe of our success.

We’ve shattered sales records, won awards, and  we’re constantly being singled-out and celebrated, not only in the communities we serve… but also by major media.

These rewards can be your rewards. And we’ve gotten this far thanks to everyone you see here on this page.


As a realtor with The WEIR Team, Brokerage Inc, you will enjoy…


Constant leads from our high-quality online marketing and open houses…

Access to amazing photographers and stagers…

Full-time administrative help…

A personal concierge for your clients…

The ability to focus on sales, while the tasks you don’t enjoy are being looked after for you…

And income plans that are tailored to exactly what works for you.


If you’re ready to take your existing real estate career to the next level…

Or if you’re just starting out and think you’ve got what it takes… please get in touch today.

It could be the best decision you ever make.

Your success is our success.


Email Cameron@TheWEIRTeam.ca to take the first step. We’re always looking for the right people.