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Not only have Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton loved calling Charles Street home, they’re proud condo investors on the street as well. Charles Street East has been undergoing exciting changes since Casa, Casa 2, Casa 3, X Condos and X2 Condos have  opened their doors to owners and renters.

Take a look at our nearby condos for sale, including a recent sale at 110 Charles:

110 Charles St E – Suite 4002

33 Charles St E – Penthouse 4601

33 Charles St E – Suite 3004

33 Charles St E – Suite 1909

33 Charles St E – Suite 1010

35 Hayden Street – Suite 1505

35 Hayden Street – Suite 505

80 Charles St E – Suite 306

80 Charles St E – Suite 305

6 Wellesley Place – TH3

24 Wellesley St W – Suite 407

1001 Bay Street – Suite 1118

15 Maitland Place – Suite 912


We’ve witnessed wonderful increases and interesting fluctuations in condo property values in this downtown Toronto neighbourhood, just steps from Yonge Bloor subway station including the addition of a beautiful sister tower across the street at 101 Charles Street East. Soon we’ll be taking a closer look at X2 Condos.

For now though, let’s examine selling prices at the orginal X Condos at 110 Charles Street East at Church and Charles Streets. A striking modern tower with excellent amenities, amazing views, beautiful finishes, a stunning lobby and wonderful floor plans. The Weir Team has loved helping buyers, renters and condo sellers with their real estate transactions at X Condos. In fact, we make our condo listings look so good, many realtors have been stealing our photos and pretending our photos are their photos. Again, another reason to choose your X Condos realtor wisely.

Here is a look at 110 Charles Street East property values.

These are sales that occurred in January and February 2016.

During this time period, only four X Condo suites were sold.

A one bedroom suite on a high floor sold for $381,000. The suite was west facing and did not include a parking spot or a storage locker.

A one bedroom plus den suite sold about half way up the tower for $440,000. This suite was also east facing and did not include a parking spot or locker.

A two bedroom, two bathroom suite sold for $500,000. This suite was on a high floor and included locker and one parking spot.

And finally a two bedroom, two bathroom suite sold for $520,000 on a low floor. This suite included a locker and one parking spot.

To see how prices have changed year over year at X Condos, click here.


Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton take great pride in all of the condos they sell on Charles Street East with the goal of making sure condo sellers in Bloor Yorkville net as much profit as possible. Make sure to contact The Weir Team to find out exactly how much you could sell your X Condo for and how easy The Weir Team could make it for you.

Written by Scott Hanton, Real Estate Broker for The Weir Team, among the best real estate agents in Toronto, GTA and Durham Region

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