At The WEIR Team, we’re often perplexed when we see realtors conducting themselves as if they are in a reality TV show. We are frustrated when we hear so many stories about realtors making the entire process about themselves. And we are saddened to hear, time and time again, how many real estate agents do so little for their clients.

You will either hire a real estate agent because they have nothing to offer except a low commission… or you will choose to trust a realtor based on their skills, experience, past performance and dedication to working with you towards a rewarding outcome.

Since The WEIR Team first began, we knew we had to always be better. And while we’ve made our own share of mistakes, we understand the future of our real estate business is putting our clients first.

For years, we’ve called ourselves “Full-Service”. We mean it. And we only want to improve.

We often become your best friend, your right arm, your psychiatrist, your chauffeur, your spiritual guide, your financial planner and your irreplaceable source of real estate related information. Often at any hour of the day.

What else could we do for you? What other services could we provide? What perks would you like?

In order for you to say to The WEIR Team, “You’re hired,” what could we offer you?


What Do You Want Your Realtor To Be?