E02 Toronto Real Estate Statistics January 2016


The mild and sometimes balmy month of January 2016 was a rather slow month for those buying and selling an freehold house in the E02 real estate zone in Toronto.

The Weir Team knows the east end well and has more and more buyers and sellers hiring Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton. Here are just a few of our recent listings close-by:

55 Kerr Road

119 Craven Road

102 Knox Avenue

159 Oakcrest Avenue

26 Alton Avenue

107 Ashdale Avenue

307 Woodfield Road

252 Woodfield Road

132 Ashdale Avenue

12 Walpole Avenue

345 Ashdale Avenue

109 Riverdale Avenue

98 Hiawatha Road

If you want any more specific information or want to know more about what your house is currently worth, email info@TheWeirTeam.ca and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Now let’s take a closer look at selling prices in E02 where Toronto’s best real estate agents work in the neighbourhoods of East End-Danforth, The Beaches and the Woodbine Corridor.

This real estate zone is comprised of the neighbourhoods of The Beaches, East End-Danforth and the Woodbine Corridor.

The boundaries are, roughly from east to west: Victoria Park Avenue to Coxwell Avenue and south of Danforth Avenue.

There were only 21 successful real estate sales of freehold homes according to the MLS system.

The most expensive house sold was for $2,060,000 on the beautiful Fallingbrook Drive.

Other streets in this area that saw houses selling over a million dollars during January 2016 were Kingswood Road and Vince Avenue.

The other streets with sales in this Toronto real estate zone were Wheeler Avenue, Kingston Road, Spruce Hill Road, William Hancox Avenue, Kenilworth Avenue, Woodbine Avenue, Lawlor Avenue, Burgess Avenue, Rainsford Road, Pickering Street, Gerrard Street East, Queen Street East, Murdoch Avenue, Oakcrest Avenue, Main Street, Victoria Park Avenue and Norwood Terrace.

The average selling price of a house in Toronto’s E02 real estate zone was $872,490 during the month of January. The average time it took to sell a house was 20 days on the market.

Most houses sold in this area were semi-detached houses (13 of them). Only 5 of the homes sold were fully detached houses.

Real estate sales were most active in The Beaches (11 sales), followed by East End-Danforth (8 sales) and Woodbine Corridor (2 sales).

For any specifics on actual addresses and sale prices, please contact us directly.

The Weir Team is proud to have a wonderful track record of very happy clients who were looking to buy a house or looking to sell a house all across the Greater Toronto Area. We look forward to being of excellent service to you too.

All real estate data and statistics were provided by Toronto Stratus MLS for the month of January 2016.

Written by Scott Hanton, Broker for The Weir Team

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