Charles St E real estate prices: Bloor Yorkville condo experts examine property values and selling prices at the Waldorf Astoria Loft conversion at 80 and 88 Charles St East in downtown Toronto


The Weir Team’s Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton have built a strong following of very satisfied real estate buyers and real estate sellers thanks to their very successful history on Charles Street East and their many Toronto condo real estate listings.

This rapidly changing and increasingly valuable strip in downtown Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood is home to many terrific condo buildings of all ages. Plus any of the condo towers on Charles Street East are within a few steps not only to two subway lines, but also to just about anything you could ever possibly need. This location is truly in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Two buildings that The Weir Team is very experienced with are at 80 and 88 Charles Street East. These two older, low-rise buildings, joined by underground parking were once the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and are now the Waldorf Astoria Lofts.

Scott Hanton and Cameron Weir have helped buyers and sellers purchase and sell many 2-storey penthouses and smaller suites in both 80 Charles St East and 88 Charles St East.

Here are just a couple recent listings of ours at the Waldorf Astoria Lofts:

80 Charles St E – Suite 306

80 Charles St E – Suite 305

Plus, these gorgeous looking listings of ours nearby, many which sold for record-shattering prices:

35 Hayden St – Suite 1505

35 Hayden St – Suite 505

110 Charles St E – Suite 4002

33 Charles St E – Penthouse 4601

33 Charles St E – Suite 3004

33 Charles St E – Suite 1909

33 Charles St E – Suite 1010

6 Wellesley Place – TH3

24 Wellesley St W – Suite 407

1001 Bay Street – Suite 1118

15 Maitland Place – Suite 912

Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton are strong believers that this still affordable complex will increase very nicely in value for all sorts of reasons. It is surrounded by newer condo towers with increasingly smaller and smaller living spaces. However at 80 and 88 Charles, owners here love the warm, homey feeling of being in a quieter low rise building with loads of character. Plus, there are very few options in the neighbourhood where you’ll find such large suites and living areas. Some of the bedrooms at 80 and 88 Charles are large enough to put 2 or 3 king size beds plus loads of extra furniture. You don’t find large bedrooms like that at many other condo buildings in Bloor Yorkville.

Here now is a closer look at selling prices and property values for 80-88 Charles Street East, just steps away from Church Street in downtown Toronto. Data is taken from published sales numbers on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s MLS system.

This is for suites sold during Janurary and February 2016.

During this slow Toronto real estate period, only one suite was sold.

It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite on a low floor. It came with a storage locker but there was no owned parking spot. This suite was almost 800 sq ft and sold for $461,500.

To see year over year average sale prices for 80 and 88 Charles Street East, click here.

There are multiple factors when deciding how much to offer when you purchase a condo, as well as the true value of what your condo is actually worth.

Get in touch with Cameron Weir or Scott Hanton to determine your exact condo value as well as to learn how easy The Weir Team makes it for you to sell your condo in Bloor Yorkville, on Hayden Street or Charles Street East. Hire only the best.

Written by Scott Hanton, Real Estate Broker for The Weir Team, working with the best real estate agents in successfully listing Toronto condos for sale.

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