Toronto Resale Condo Real Estate–selling prices at 28 Ted Rogers Way from Condo Experts in Bloor Yorkville, a look back…


The Weir Team’s Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton are considered by many to be among the best condo experts in downtown Toronto. Whether you’re a first time buyer looking to purchase your first condo or a pre-construction condo owner looking to sell your suite, The Weir Team has had years of experience in Toronto real estate to ensure you net as much profit as possible when you’re ready to sell.

Cameron and Scott have a long list of happy first-time condo buyers and experienced condo buyers. The Weir Team’s experience with all aspects as well as dealing with all sorts of surprises ensures that when you buy or sell a Toronto condo, you’re being looked after.

And more importantly, with more and more condos competing for buyers, it’s imperative that you make sure your suite looks like a million bucks if you’re hoping for half a million. But don’t worry about that part, we take care of it all. A little investment up front can net you much more profit than you thought possible.

Making sure your condo shines is how you’ll beat the competition. We have a full team and know all the tricks of the trade to make sure you’ll gain a competitive edge when selling your Bloor Yorkville condo.

From super high-end to just simply excellent buildings, here is just a a sampling of condos we’ve recently sold nearby:

33 Charles St E – Penthouse 4601

33 Charles St E – Suite 3004

33 Charles St E – Suite 1909

33 Charles St E – Suite 1010

35 Hayden Street – Suite 1505

35 Hayden Street – Suite 505

80 Charles St E – Suite 306

80 Charles St E – Suite 305

6 Wellesley Place – TH3

24 Wellesley St W – Suite 407

110 Charles St E – Suite 4002

1001 Bay Street – Suite 1118

15 Maitland Place – Suite 912

Understanding the property values of each condominium building in downtown Toronto part of what sets us apart from discount realtors who take terrible photos and have no idea how to make a condo look amazing.

Each condo building in Bloor Yorkville is its own real estate market. No two buildings are the same for many reasons. No price per square footage calculations are ever the same. That’s also why you need experts to help you sell or buy a condo.

Here now are selling prices for January and February 2016.

During these two months, only 3 suites were sold at 28 Ted Rogers Way.

A one bedroom suite on a high floor sold for $369,900. This suite was north facing, did not have a parking spot but did come with a storage locker.

A one bedroom plus den on a very high floor sold for $439,000. It came with a parking spot and a locker. The suite was about 631 sq ft.

The other suite that sold was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom suite about half way up the tower. It sold for $474,000 and came with a storage locker and a parking spot.

To see year over year property values at 28 Ted Rogers Way, Couture Condos, click here.

Please remember that these are only average selling prices. There are numerous factors that Cameron and Scott need to take into consideration before determining the ideal selling price for your suite at Couture Condos. When you’re thinking about buying or selling condos in Toronto, make sure to contact experts in condominium buying and selling. The Weir Team looks forward to hearing from you.

Written by Scott Hanton, real estate Broker for The Weir Team, proud to be buying and selling condos and houses with the best real estate agents in the GTA

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