Some sellers in Toronto and Durham Region are asking, “Will a drone help sell my house?” and “Will aerial photography increase the selling price of my property?” These are certainly legitimate questions by homeowners who are looking to net as much as possible on the sale of their home. To get to the right answer for you, you’ll need to determine a few things first. And with some of the negative headlines we’re seeing thanks to some careless folks flying their drones, it’s also a good idea to determine some do’s and don’ts.

When you watch the short drone video done by The Weir Team for our sellers in Pickering, there’s no doubt that this detached house in Amberlea, surrounded by the lush landscapes of Durham Region, a river, a pond, multiple decks on various levels, is displayed in a very intriguing way. Standard still photography couldn’t quite capture the magical experience of some of the expansive outdoor space. That’s where drone aerial photography for real estate can really make a difference.

It’s likely that if you’re in a rowhouse in Leslieville or cramped quarters on a narrow street that’s lined with blue bins and covered in electrical wires crisscrossing every which way that aerial drone photography might not be such a great idea.

But if one of the selling features of your home is the outstanding surroundings, then by all means it couldn’t hurt to showcase the land and trees and other beneficial things surrounding the house. This is especially true when buyers might miss these important points by basic photos on an MLS listing.

As well, there are many houses and condos that are spectacularly open-concept with high ceilings, cascading staircases, soaring walls of glass and forever views. Many of these interior spaces can also benefit greatly with the use of this technology. The stabilizing technology that comes with the camera on the drone allows for smooth and often sensational vantage points of stellar indoor spaces.

There’s an old saying in marketing and advertising that I’ve brought with me to my career in real estate: “It’s not the steak, it’s the sizzle.” There are lots of houses on the market that may be similarly priced and appear to be just like your house… but which house will buyers choose over the others? It’s likely to be the one that stands out from the crowd.

But aerial drone technology and photography for real estate needs more than just the apparatus and latest technology. It absolutely MUST have a talented and skilled operator.

If you go to Youtube and check out the latest in drone photography videos, you’ll see some poor quality videos that make even the Grand Canyon look lame. That’s likely because the operator does not have the technical expertise or the creative skills and experience to show-off the incredible beauty of your house and surrounding property.

The Weir Team uses an award-winning television director and producer with decades of experience. And, as always, that’s what sets us apart from the rest. Quality.

The continued success of The Weir Team is greatly due to our high standards. It’s important that your house looks its absolute best in order for you to net as much profit as possible. The latest in drone technology and an extremely skilled and creative drone technician and cinematic director can certainly make a difference.

So, how expensive is it to use a drone for real estate?

It can be different for each property, but likely much, much less than you think.

Remember the goal is to net you more profit.

If it costs $1000 to capture the beauty of your sprawling property in Durham Region from the air, and then you get an offer for $15,000 more than you were hoping, it seems to us that aerial drone photography for real estate certainly could deliver a great return on investment.

Either way, contact The Weir Team to see whether or not this option might work for you if you’re selling your house in Durham Region or the greater Toronto area. We offer very simple pricing options and package options that are designed to ensure that you profit as much as possible on the sale of your home.

We make it very easy for you. Contact us today to see how simple the process can be.


Written by Scott Hanton, Broker for The Weir Team

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