Durham Region Real Estate Values – Pickering Property Values from Pickering Real Estate Listings: Focus on Bay Ridges


What a fabulous place to live! Scott Hanton, real estate broker with The Weir Team loves living and working in Pickering, Ontario. As a proud homeowner in Durham Region, Scott invites you to find out why more and more real estate buyers and sellers are choosing The Weir Team.

Our high level of service, amazing results and long list of very happy clients across the GTA and all over Durham Region is just what you need when you’re looking to hire the best realtor to sell your home in beautiful Pickering.

Scott and The Weir Team have been busy across Durham Region. Our services have done so well for our sellers, we’re constantly making news headlines.

50 Portelli Crescent

30 Chatfield Drive

Even the media took notice of the wonderful success we delivered to our Durham Region sellers:

Toronto Star – 50 Portelli

Toronto Star – 30 Chatfield

Contact Scott@TheWeirTeam.ca if you’re ready for a free consultation if you’re looking to make a move to, from or within Durham Region.

Pickering real estate agents at The Weir Team have witnessed a tremendous increase in property values throughout Pickering over the past several years. Let’s take a closer look at the increasingly valuable real estate zone of Bay Ridges in Pickering for the month of February 2016.

Located south of the 401 next to Frenchman’s Bay, this area saw only 7 homes sold in the February 2016.

The average selling price in Bay Ridges during this period was $489,429.

During February 2016 it took an average of 7 days on market for Pickering realtors to sell those houses.

4 of these houses sold in Bay Ridges were detached and 1 was semi-detached.

The most expensive house sold was detached 2-storey house for $575,000.

The lowest selling price for houses in Pickering’s Bay Ridges neighbourhood was $370,000 for a linked house.

During February 2016, houses were sold on Tanzer Court, Naroch Boulevard, Modlin Road, Hewson Drive, Denby Drive, Balaton Avenue and Albacore Manor.

For specific addresses and details contact Scott Hanton.

Scott Hanton, real estate Broker for The Weir Team lives and works in Pickering and looks forward to guiding you to the perfect Pickering home, not to mention expertly selling your house as well.

Our track record and rave reviews speak for themselves. We love our incredibly long list of very happy real estate buyers and sellers. Make sure you hire only the best.

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