Real Estate News: Rising Pickering Property Values as Witnessed by some of the best Pickering and Durham Region Real Estate Agents, focusing on the Rosebank neighbourhood


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Portelli Crescent

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Pickering realtors at The Weir Team have witnessed a tremendous increase in property values throughout Pickering over the past several years. Let’s take a closer look at the increasingly valuable real estate zone of Rosebank in Pickering which has been home to many new build houses recently.

Located south of the 401 near the beautiful Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, real estate values are appreciating quite nicely in this area of Durham Region.

In 2015, between January 1 and November 30, 46 properties were sold in Rosebank in Pickering. Pickering real estate agents saw that 43 of those houses for sale in Pickering were detached and 34 houses sold in this area of Pickering were 2 storey. It took an average of 27 days on market for Pickering realtors to sell a house here.

The average selling price of Rosebank houses in Pickering during this period was $803,587.

Now let’s compare year over year real estate values for Pickering according to data provided by the Toronto Real Estate Board for the Rosebank neighbourhood.

The average selling price of houses in the real estate zone of Rosebank, Pickering during this period in 2014 was $714,246.

Going back to 2013 for the same real estate period, the average selling price for real estate in Pickering was $617,628.

In 2012, homeowners in Pickering who wanted to sell a house enjoyed an average real estate selling price of $551,707 in the Rosebank neighbourhood.

In 2011, selling a house in Pickering’s Rosebank neighbourhood returned an average selling price of $511,339.

Taking a look at these numbers, some of the best real estate agents in Pickering have seen the average price of a home in the Rosebank neighbourhood rise by approximately $292,245 over four years. Quite a good rise in Pickering property values in this area, much of it thanks to many high quality new-builds in the area.

An interesting rate of increase has also occurred for property values in Pickering, specifically the Rosebank neighbourhood. Homeowners have enjoy an exponential rate of growth on property values in the neighbourhood.

From 2011 to 2012, homeowners in Rosebank enjoyed a 7.9 percent increase in property values.

From 2012 to 2013, real estate agents in Pickering delivered selling prices 11.9 percent higher than the previous year.

From 2013 to 2014, selling a house in Pickering brought a 15.7 percent increase in Rosebank property values.


And from 2014 to 2015, those looking to buy a house in Pickering saw that the actual selling prices rose by an impressive 12.5 percent.

Very good news indeed for those who own a house in Pickering in the Rosebank neighbourhood.

The Rosebank real estate zone includes beautiful family-friendly streets.

Some of the most expensive homes sold here in 2015 are found on Rosebank Road, Oakwood Drive, Rougemount Drive, Dyson Road and Toynevale Road. Houses on some of these streets have sold for well over a million dollars up to $2,000,000.

Other pricey Pickering streets include Pine Ridge Road, Staghorn Road, Cowan Circle, Mountain Ash Drive, Lakani Court, Dahlia Crescent, Gillmoss Road, Anthony Court and McLeod Crescent. In 2015 most Pickering houses on these streets sold for between $700,000 and $1,000,000.

Some of those streets are also home to great value for first-time buyers looking to buy a house under $700,000. House hunters on a budget in Durham Region may want to take a good look at Foster Court, Nomad Road, Moorelands Crescent, Oakwood Drive, Lytton Court and Summerpark Crescent.

However with real estate prices rising so quickly in Pickering, we are finding it tougher and tougher for first time buyers to find much in this area for under $600,000.

Scott Hanton, real estate Broker for The Weir Team lives and works in Pickering and looks forward to guiding you to the perfect Pickering home, not to mention expertly selling your house as well.

Our track record and rave reviews speak for themselves. We love our incredibly long list of very happy real estate buyers and sellers. Make sure you hire only the best.

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