Should I sell my house in the summer? What’s the best time to sell my house in Whitby?

No matter what your situation, make sure your realtor will be going above any beyond for you, as The Weir Team did recently for our sellers in Durham Region:

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For real estate agents and homeowners in Whitby, here’s how busy it was during August 2015 in the real estate neighbourhoods of Blue Grass Meadows, Brooklin, Downtown Whitby, Lynde Creek, Port Whitby, Pringle Creek, Rolling Acres, Rural Whitby, Taunton North and Williamsburg.

This summer month saw increasing selling prices for those selling a house in Whitby, although it was not as busy as July. Real estate agents in Whitby witnessed 169 transactions in August of freehold homes as reported on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s MLS system.

The most expensive house sold was for $1,400,000 on Camber Court in Brooklin. The next most expensive house sold in Whitby was $1,375,000 on Preservation Place in the Whitby area of Williamsburg. The third most expensive home sold in Whitby was for $1,290,000 on Colston Avenue in Brooklin followed by a house which sold for $1,100,000 on Covington Drive, also in the wonderful area of Brooklin.

Durham Region also saw some of the highest Whitby property values on Townline Road, Twin Streams Road, Garrard Road, Bancroft Crescent, Glengowan Street, Covington Drive, Gloria Crescent, Serene Court and Scadding Avenue. Whitby homeowners on these streets all enjoyed real estate selling prices of more than $700,000.

Some of the best Whitby real estate agents helped their buyers with limited budgets find some of the best house deals on Perry Street, Ashburn Road, Arbuckle Way, Greenfield Crescent, Hickory Street North, Sugar Maple Crescent, Jandale Crescent, Calais Street, Honey Tree Court, Candlebrook Drive, Lowder Place, Gerrie Court and Vanier Street. Real estate buyers looking to buy a house in Whitby found houses for sale under $400,000 on these Durham Region streets. And in fact, houses on these streets all sold for less than $375,000.

The average selling price of a house in Whitby for August 2015 was $529,957.

When compared with property values in Whitby one year earlier, August 2014 saw 154 transactions. The average real estate house price in Whitby was $429,835. One year earlier, homeowners selling a house in Whitby sold for an average selling price of $420,704. And in August of 2011, property sold in Whitby was selling for an average sale price of $347,168.

So, according to these real estate stats supplied by TREB, property values in Whitby increased by an average selling price of approximately $182,000 between August 2011 and August 2015. These rising property values in Whitby is good news for real estate homeowners in Whitby and for those real estate buyers looking to invest in Whitby and throughout Durham Region.

As witnessed by the top real estate agents in Whitby in August 2015, 142 of the houses sold in Whitby were detached, 18 homes sold in Whitby were rowhouses or townhouses and 1 Whitby property sold was a semi-detached house.

Some of the busier streets for real estate transactions in Whitby during the month of August 2015 were Amanda Avenue, Athol Street, Brock Street South, Centre Street, Cottage Crescent, Cranborne Crescent, Gilbert Street, Haverhill Crescent, Hialeah Crescent, Holsted Road, Preservation Place, Toscana Drive and Vanier Street. House hunters and first time buyers looking to buy a house in Whitby and Durham Region found more than one house for sale on these Whitby streets.

For any specifics on actual real estate selling prices for your neighbours in Whitby, please contact us directly.

The Weir Team lives and works in Durham Region. We look forward to being of excellent service to you if you are looking to buy a house or sell a house in Pickering, Ajax or Whitby and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. It’s our goal to raise the bar on quality and service levels currently found in Pickering and throughout Durham Region.

Written by Scott Hanton, Broker for The Weir Team. Proud to be working with the best real estate agents in Toronto and Durham Region.

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