Casa Condominium – Condo Property Values at 33 Charles Street East in downtown Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood

Both Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton are owners at Casa Condominium, 33 Charles Street East in Bloor Yorkville. We’re thrilled to have helped so many real estate buyers and sellers purchase and sell successfully within the building. As owners at 33 Charles, we’re obviously very interested in property values at Casa Condominium. And we’re proud to have all of our listings in the building and all over Charles Street not only look better than most of the competition, but net our sellers much more profit than they would have achieved with discount realtors.

As a pre-construction condo purchaser from 2006, I personally watched and documented the entire exciting evolution of Casa: from the first shovels in the ground to the removal of the construction crane to our first Weir Team parties with Cameron Weir on the impressive fifth floor amenities area.

As some of the best Toronto real estate agents specializing in downtown condos, we’ve seen a lot of changes happen on Charles Street East over the years. And we’re excited to know that all of Bloor Yorkville is going to continue to evolve and improve over the next several years with the completion of Chaz, Casa 2, Casa 3 and 1 Bloor Street East. This dynamic neighbourhood will keep getting more and more exciting for residents and investors in Bloor Yorkville property values.

If you’re considering buying or selling in this increasingly competitive real estate market, make sure you hire only the best realtors who understand the true value of the suite you want to buy or sell on Charles Street East.

Here is just a small sampling of the suites we’ve sold at 33 Charles St E, Casa Condominium:

Penthouse 4601

Suite 3004

Suite 1909

Suite 1010

Now let’s take a look at property values at 33 Charles Street East. Just how much have things changed since the building was registered in 2010?

Here are some year over year average selling prices for Casa Condos.

Note that these are only averages and do not take into account floor heights, if a locker comes with the suite or which exposure the suite enjoys. Many things have changed over the years, such as the addition of Chaz Condominium to the east which had an effect on views as well as Casa 2 to the north.

So, on average, according to data by the Toronto Real Estate Board’s MLS system since 2010, here’s what we’ve seen. There have been some interesting price fluctuations, but all in all, the upward trend is looking good.


Total properties sold at 33 Charles Street East

2015 – 39 Casa Condos sold

2014 – 34 Casa Condos sold

2013 – 23 Casa Condos sold

2012 – 31 Casa Condos sold

2011 – 51 Casa Condos sold

2010 – 36 Casa Condos sold



Average selling prices for bachelor suites at Casa Condominium without a parking spot

2015 – $291,988 (3 sold)

2014 – $285,000 (1 sold)

2013 – $286,000 (2 sold)

2012 – $272,500 (2 sold)

2011 – $258,500 (4 sold)

2010 – $248,929 (7 sold)



Average selling prices for 1 bedroom suites without a parking spot at 33 Charles Street East

2015 – $380,667 (3 sold)

2014 – $343,567 (6 sold)

2013 – $356,756 (9 sold)

2012 – $359,829 (7 sold)

2011 – $333,753 (15 sold)

2010 – $323,673 (11 sold)



Average selling prices at Casa Condo for 1 bedroom plus den suites, without a parking spot

2015 – $421,240 (8 sold)

2014 – $401,333 (3 sold)

2013 – $430,000 (1 sold)

2012 – $394,980 (5 sold)

2011 – $408,000 (4 sold)

2010 – $348,500 (2 sold)



Average real estate selling prices at 33 Charles St E for 2 bedroom suites with one bathroom and one parking spot

2015 – $567,500 (2 sold at Casa Condominium)

2014 – $564,750 (8 sold at Casa Condominium)

2013 – $540,667 (3 sold at Casa Condominium)

2012 – $544,000 (2 sold at Casa Condominium)

2011 – $546,500 (3 sold at Casa Condominium)

2010 – $519,995 (2 sold at Casa Condominium)



Average real estate sale price at Casa Condominium for 2 bedrooms plus den with 2 bathrooms and one parking spot

2015 – $774,029 (7 sold)

2014 – $753,200 (5 sold)

2013 – $707,500 (2 sold)

2012 – $747,000 (5 sold)

2011 – $696,167 (6 sold)

2010 – $723,500 (4 sold)


Clearly some years were much better than others in the condo real estate market on Charles Street East.

For more detailed and specific data for 33 Charles or any other condominium in downtown Toronto make sure to contact The Weir Team. We’ve expertly guided numerous buyers and sellers in the downtown Toronto condo market.

When you’re ready to sell your condo in Bloor Yorkville, make sure the realtors you choose are amongst the best. We hope you’ll call The Weir Team. We’re at your service.

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