Ranking The Best Real Estate Agents in the GTA

Who are the best Toronto real estate agents in Toronto and the GTA, including Leslieville, East York, Durham Region, Pickering, Ajax and Whitby? With tens of thousands of folks with real estate licenses, it can be tough to sort through the true professional realtors from those who think it’s a glamorous ego-fuelled path to easy money, full of glamour shots and reality TV shows.

As any experienced Toronto area realtor will tell you, the real role of a top-ranked GTA real estate agent can take many variations. From appraiser to social worker to chauffeur to designer to psychiatrist to hand-holder to dog-walker to window washer to mover to high-level negotiator. We see it all. We’re asked to do it all. Expectations are high. Competition is high. Dollar values are increasingly higher and higher. And only the best GTA realtors are happy to tackle it all. It’s a role unlike any other. No two clients are the same. No two properties are the same. And each new listing comes with its own unique set of requirements. And only the best real estate agents understand that it’s all about pleasing the client.


The best Toronto area real estate agents:


-are real estate agents who put their clients’ needs and wishes first


-take the time to understand the long-term and short-term real estate goals of real estate buyers and sellers


-are real estate professionals who understand that part of their job is being a salesperson, friend, discipliner, whatever is required to help ensure a smooth and profitable transaction for the client


-are available quickly via whichever form of communication the client prefers


The highest ranked realtors in the GTA:


-have explained clearly, step-by-step, what clients should expect throughout the process and what their options are


-are thinking ten steps ahead to make sure there are no surprises for the client


-make sure that the property for sale is showcased in the best possible light


-do not quibble about minor expenses incurred


-absorb minor costs such as cleaning, photography, Status Certificates, couriers


-go above and beyond for their clients, without complaining about it


-are truly embarrassed when they see amateur looking listings full of terrible photos, spelling errors and data errors from discount competing realtors


-comprehend and have experience with area property values


-understand how investments in painting and staging can net a much larger profit in the end (and understand when these things won’t make a difference)


And the best real estate agents to hire in Toronto and Durham Region:


-are never seen lounging around at their open house on their phone talking loudly about a private deal


-understand how much of the role is truly salesmanship


-are not “yes-men” bowing to the clients’ unreasonable and time-wasting price expectations for their property


-have so much more to offer than giving a deal on the commission


-are truly excited at the process of making sure your property shines and looks amazing when it’s on the market


-have proven track records with a long list of happy clients that they’re willing to let you contact


-take absolute pride in delivering stellar results to both buyers and sellers


And the best real estate agents in Toronto will make you feel you made the best possible decision in hiring that realtor long after closing day.


While no one is perfect, The Weir Team strives to be all of these things to our cherished clients. We look forward to being at your service whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Toronto and Durham Region.


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Written by Scott Hanton, Real Estate broker for The Weir Team, top real estate agents in Toronto and Durham Region

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