Durham Region Real Estate News: The Weir Team examines property values and actual selling prices of freehold houses in Ajax, Ontario


We love living and working in Durham Region. And we love bringing our award winning and celebrated real estate services to buyers and sellers in the beautiful Ajax, Ontario. Scott Hanton and Cameron Weir are clearly raising the level of quality for realtors in Durham Region.

The Weir Team has been busy in Durham Region, most recently we sold these homes in Ajax for record prices thanks to our special tailor-made Gold Package listing services. (Every house is different and we understand how to net you the most profit in the end.)

Portelli Crescent

Chatfield Drive

The Weir Team is clearly bringing a much higher standard of real estate to Pickering, Ajax and Whitby. And the media loves us too:

Toronto Star – 50 Portelli

Toronto Star – 30 Chatfield

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The first 15 days in April 2015 saw an active month for those selling a house in Ajax, Ontario.

There were 114 successful real estate sales according to the MLS system for freehold homes.

The most expensive property sold was for $860,000 for gorgeous 3 bedroom, 3 level detached house in Central West Ajax. Following that, there were multiple house sales over $700,000. Those Ajax houses were sold on Rumbellow Crescent, Shorten Place, Staines Avenue, Solway Crescent, Westacott Crescent, Chant Crescent, Roberson Drive, Welsh Street and Simms Drive.

The least expensive houses sold were found on Clover Ridge Drive, Clowes Street, Linnell Street, Rands Road, Elgin Street, Beatty Road, Cooperage Lane, Admiral Road, Delaney Drive, Radford Drive, Wilkie Lane, Georgina Drive, Humphrey Drive, Clowes Street, Hughes Crescent, Audley Road, Fearn Crescent, Bean Crescent, Plumridge Court, Trawley Crescent, Marshall Crescent and Westray Crescent. Clearly there are still some great options for buyers in Durham Region to find houses under $400,000 in Ajax, Ontario.

The average selling price of a house in Ajax was $500,998. Most houses had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The average time it took to sell a house in Ajax was 11 days on the market during the first half of April 2015.

84 of the houses sold in Ajax during this period were detached, 13 houses sold in Ajax were row houses or town houses, 5 were linked and 12 were semi-detached houses in Ajax.

Real estate sales in Ajax were most active in Central Ajax, Northeast Ajax and Central West Ajax.

Some of the busier streets for real estate transactions in Ajax during the first half of April 2015 were Bean Crescent, Boyd Crescent, Chant Crescent, Clowes Street, Decourcy-Ireland Circle, Delaney Drive, Formosa Avenue, Greenhalf Drive, Humphrey Drive, Knapton Avenue, Shorten Place, Smales Drive, Styles Crescent, Westcott Crescent and Westray Crescent.

For any specifics on actual sale prices for your neighbours in Ajax, please contact us directly.

The Weir Team loves living and working in Durham Region. We look forward to being of excellent service to you if you are looking to buy a house or sell a house in Pickering, Ajax or Whitby or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

Written by Scott Hanton, Broker for The Weir Team. Contact Scott today for a free home evaluation atScott@TheWeirTeam.ca

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