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Property Values researched by The Weir Team from MLS Real Estate Listings for Resale Condos at 101 Charles Street East, X2 Condominium


One of the more exciting additions to Charles Street East recently has been the completion of X2 Condos, the sister tower to the original X Condominium. Both of these sleek black condo towers anchor the east end of Charles Street at Jarvis Street. Within walking distance to the Yonge Bloor subway station, they’re popular condo buildings for investors, renters and end-users.

Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton are both investors and owners of condos on Charles Street East. Keeping an eye on property values for resale condos in these towers is obviously quite important. And more importantly, we’ve had years and years of experience with all condo towers in Bloor Yorkville and have a very long list of happy condo buyers and thrilled condo sellers.

If you own a condo and are considering selling your suite, it’s very important to choose the right real estate agent who knows how to show off this prized investment and net you more profit than inexperienced realtors who only do the bare minimum of work.

Making your condo suite shine can have a huge impact on how much the suite sells for. We’ve seen some horrendous looking condo MLS listings that have stolen or terrible photos, missing information, spelling errors and are way over-priced. These are an embarrassment to the best condo real estate agents who go above and beyond for condo sellers. This is increasingly more and more important as new condo buildings on Charles Street East and all over Bloor Yorkville are competing for buyers.

Here are just a few nearby condos successfully sold by Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton of The Weir Team recently:

110 Charles St E – Suite 4002

33 Charles St E – Penthouse 4601

33 Charles St E – Suite 3004

33 Charles St E – Suite 1909

33 Charles St E – Suite 1010

35 Hayden Street – Suite 1505

35 Hayden Street – Suite 505

80 Charles St E – Suite 306

80 Charles St E – Suite 305

6 Wellesley Place – TH3

24 Wellesley St W – Suite 407

1001 Bay Street – Suite 1118

15 Maitland Place – Suite 912

So how about property values on Charles Street East? Have new condos and resale condos in Bloor Yorkville maintained their values?

Let’s take a look at the brand new X2 Condo at 101 Charles Street East.

Remember that every building is different and has its own set of parameters and perceived values. More specifically, every condo building on Charles Street is its own real estate market.

X2 is brand new and therefore only has limited data available. But its with these actual selling prices that The Weir Team can begin cataloguing sales in order to help condo buyers and condo sellers in Toronto arrive at the correct list or offer price.

Up until December 31, 2015, since MLS records began for this Charles Street East condominium…

49 X2 condominium suites have been sold on MLS

1 parking spot was for sale and sold for $27,000

6 bachelor suites without parking sold for an average of $294,332. Interestingly, bachelor suites on lower floors appear to have been selling for the same price as suites on very high floors.

A 1 bedroom suite without parking but with locker on a lower floor sold for $340,000

A 1 bedroom suite with parking, halfway up the X2 Condo tower sold for $390,000

1 bedroom suites on high X2 Condo floors without parking sold for an average selling price of $400,500

At X2 Condos, a 1 bedroom plus den, without parking, on the lower floors sold for an average selling price of $467,167

1 bedroom plus den with a parking spot on the higher floors of the X2 Condominium tower were selling for an average sale price of $497,833

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suites at X2 Condos without parking were selling for an average of $500,500

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suites with parking, throughout the brand new X2 Condo tower were selling for an average resale condo selling price of $600,391

Please remember that these are all average selling prices and that there are many factors that would go into determining how much you should sell you X2 or Charles Street condo for. We have years of experience in all of these buildings so please get in touch with Cameron or Scott today to find out exactly how much your resale condo suite is worth in Bloor Yorkville.

Written by Scott Hanton, real estate Broker for The Weir Team, proud to be working with the best real estate agents in Toronto and Durham Region.

We love being busy with our house and condo clients in Durham Region and all over Toronto. Keep track of our amazing real estate projects on InstagramTwitterFacebook

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