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Scott Hanton, real estate broker with The Weir Team loves living and working in Durham Region. As a proud homeowner in Pickering, Scott invites you to find out why more and more real estate buyers and sellers are choosing The Weir Team to buy and sell real estate across Durham Region. Every house and situation is unique. And our tailor-made Gold Package service delivers amazing results every time.

Our high level of quality, amazing results and long list of very happy clients across the GTA and all over Durham Region is just what you need when you’re looking to hire the best realtor to sell your home in beautiful Pickering.

Here’s a look at some recent properties we’ve just sold in Durham Region… plus some kudos from major media for our outstanding real estate results.

50 Portelli Crescent

30 Chatfield Drive

Even the media took notice of the wonderful profits we made for our Durham Region sellers:

Toronto Star – 50 Portelli

Toronto Star – 30 Chatfield

Contact Scott@TheWeirTeam.ca if you’re ready for a free consultation about your house or if you’re looking for the ideal realtor to help you purchase the perfect home in all of Durham Region.

Pickering real estate agents at The Weir Team have witnessed a tremendous increase in property values throughout Pickering over the past several years. Let’s take a closer look at the increasingly valuable real estate zone of Rosebank in Pickering for the month of February 2016.

Located south of the 401 and nestled next to Rouge Beach Park and Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, this neighbourhood saw only 6 homes sold in February 2016.

The average selling price in Rosebank during this period was $917,778.

During February 2016, it took an average of 6 days on market for Pickering realtors to sell those houses in this popular area.

All 6 of these houses sold in Rosebank during this time were detached and 2 storey.

The most expensive house sold was a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom detached house for $1,250,000.

The lowest selling price for houses in Pickering’s Rosebank neighbourhood was $580,000 large 2-storey house in need of some updating.

During February 2016, houses were sold on Atwood Crescent, Dahlia Crescent, McLeod Crescent, Nomad Road, Oakwood Drive and Staghorn Road. There are so many, many beautiful streets here.

For exact addresses and selling prices on any street and the current value of your home, reach out today to Scott@TheWeirTeam.ca

Scott Hanton, real estate Broker for The Weir Team lives and works in Pickering and looks forward to guiding you to the perfect Pickering home, not to mention expertly selling your house as well.

Our track record and rave reviews speak for themselves. We love our incredibly long list of very happy real estate buyers and sellers. Make sure you hire only the best.

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