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“You were amazing!” says one of our many happy clients, Kristin.

It’s our goal to ensure you’ve received the best possible real estate guidance. Cameron Weir and Scott Hanton strive for perfection with every real estate buyer and seller. We’re thrilled when we know we’ve made a difference.

Giving you a rewarding, enjoyable, educational and profitable experience is what we aim for every time.

And, as recently announced by the Ontario Real Estate Association:

An exciting advertising campaign has enhanced the perception of REALTORS® among the public, including prospective buyers and sellers, according to recent research.

Television commercials and billboard ads seen by consumers in the province during 2015 were created by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) to promote Realtor value. New ads were created as part of the REALTORS® we do the homework™ campaign, which was first launched in fall 2013.

Patricia Verge, president of OREA, says the numbers demonstrate that the advertising campaign was a great success. “We’re delighted with the results of the campaign and the fact that the message about the value of Realtors is getting out there,” she says.

The research unit at OREA has been undertaking surveys before and after the campaign to gauge its overall impact. Surveys were conducted in 2015 with 600 consumers across the province to assess the impact of the Realtor value advertising campaign, with positive results in many areas compared to the previous year.

Consumer confidence

  • Seven out of 10 consumers surveyed (71%) described the contribution of Realtors as either valuable or highly valuable.
  • Four out of 5 consumers who are prospective buyers or sellers (79%) responded that they believe Realtors are valuable or highly valuable in a real estate transaction.
  • One notable improvement: Surveys in 2015 revealed a 7-point increase among prospective buyers and sellers who said they rate a Realtor as highly valuable.

Significantly, the percentage of consumers who believe Realtors look out for a consumer’s best interests rose by 5 points over the previous year among those surveyed, with 81% (or 4 out of 5) expressing that level of trust and confidence in 2015 compared to 76 % (3 out of 5) in 2014. This is a significant improvement over the course of the year and a tribute to the effectiveness and impact of the REALTOR® value campaign.

Making a difference

An extensive survey of Ontarians in 2015 revealed the following:

  • 92% said Realtors make a positive difference in real estate transactions
  • 91% said Realtors help me make more informed decisions
  • 90% said Realtors help reduce the stress and anxiety of the buying or selling experience
  • 89% said they would recommend using a Realtor to friends who are looking to buy or sell their home
  • 88% said Realtors improve the buying or selling experience

At your service

The impressions that consumers hold of the services provided by Realtors showed improvements in several areas over last year. In terms of the value of services, consumers reported an increase in percentage points over last year when asked if Realtors:

Protect my interests Up 5
Help in getting the best deal possible Up 4
Are a “must” in the real estate transaction Up 4
Save money Up 4

Buyers and sellers

More precisely, a thorough survey of those who plan to buy or sell a home in the next two years reveal that their opinions of Realtors have improved over the past year, as has their likelihood to recommend a Realtor to friends looking to buy or sell a home.

Based on a survey of 600 Ontarians, prospective buyers and sellers surveyed reported an increase in percentage points over the previous year when they were asked if Realtors:

Make a positive difference in real estate transactions Up 4
Improve the buying and selling experience Up 3
Are someone I can rely on to protect my best interests Up 3

Most important, the number of prospective buyers and sellers who would recommend using a Realtor to friends looking to buy or sell a home rose to an impressive 91%, up 3 points from 88% the previous year.

The above information was released by OREA on January 28, 2016.

The Weir Team is thrilled to know more and more people understand the value of experienced and high-quality real estate agents. We look forward to hearing from you. We are at your service.

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